Our Story

When I was about two years old, my parents, who have always been entrepreneurs themselves, made the bold decision to transition from the restaurant industry into the floral one.
33 years later, I have found myself entering the same house of flowers my parents so courageously built: Larkin Floral.
Although a whole new location of its own, and run by myself and my husband, I plan to carry on the same values my parents always stayed true to:
Consistency. Authenticity. Passion. And most importantly, they always did what every successful business owner must do to succeed: show up. No matter the storm that was up against them, no matter the important event they might miss, no matter how big the task—they always said “yes.” They always showed up for their customers.
Their customers grew to trust them and believe in their mission in the beautiful world of gift-giving. They rightfully believed my parents cared just as much as them about what they were asking for.
But continuing this shop is more than just carrying on the family business to me. It’s about what the world of gifting entails——offering a glimpse of light during one’s time of sorrow with the simple bloom of a sunflower or lilly. It’s about knocking the door of a widowed mother and handing her a Mother’s Day bouquet. Offering her an opportunity to smile when perhaps she hasn’t been able to in months.
I might not be the one gifting these people, but I am given the gift to create for them what we all so anxiously and often privately need so deeply—a reminder that we are loved. We are thought of. We matter and someone out there, close or far—is thinking of us.
It’s the all-encompassing power of spreading joy and helping one believe they matter with the most precious gift on earth——nature.
I hope you can follow our sustainable and family-owned journey into the new space and see us bloom in a way that would hopefully make my family and community proud. 🕊️